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Serial RS232 RS485 RS422 to Ethernet LAN Converter

Serial to Ethernet or LAN industrial interfaces manufactured by IP Electronix, which can transmit data through the network and via Ethernet.

In this series, there are different types of converters for RS232, RS485, RS422, ... data transfer through Ethernet in 1, 2 and 4 ports and for RS232, up to 8 and 16 ports.

On the serial side, Baud-Rate supports from 300bps to 921600bps for Ex1 and Ex2 models, and up to 115200 for Ex4, Ex8 and Ex16 models. Also, the unique feature of these converters is the ability to redirect serial ports data to each other, which means that each port can be redirected simultaneously to itself or to any of the other ports on the device.

On the network side, TCP and UDP protocols are supported in two modes, Client and Server, and no other slag is placed on the received bytes of the serial. In fact, sending information is transparent and all the received bytes of the serial port are transmitted directly through the network.

To use these converters, you will not need to know about the complexities of the TCP/IP protocol, and its configuration is easily done through the Web-Page and the http protocol.

These converters work with a wide range of power supply from +8V to +48V and for all models, there is a 12V adapter with it.

Single-Port (Ex1) models also have PoE capability.

3kV optical and electrical insulation for the ports, as well as protection against lightning and electric and electromagnetic shocks, as well as the removal of electromagnetic noise, are provided in the design of these converters. These specifications make the E Series the best choice for use in industrial automation, telecommunication systems, SCADA systems, DCS systems and the like.

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